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About Us DOBBA

The area where we are located was once called Dubašnica (dub means oak tree).
The Italians called this place Dobasnizza, sometimes La Dobba … and so that’s why we gave this name to our business. We are new, family-owned business based in Kremenići  on the island of Krk. Enthusiasts for travel.
We traveled for the first time a couple of years ago and then our camping became a passion. So … we decided to share our experience
with all of you … the best way to research Croatia and Europe.

We have taken new and modern motorhomes with all the accessories to make the experience complete.

We are always at your disposal for your inquiries and wishes. A domestic atmosphere, affordable, friendly, we can help with route planning,
reservations … .any kind information about the island of Krk, the surrounding islands … just ask.

Wondering why motorhome? Why Dobba? Because the camper offers freedom of travel, feel like home wherever you are traveling.
One step to the sea and the meadow is always more appealing to the children as well as us. New friendships, new experiences and new knowledge.

And why Dobba? Why not?

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