From 1.5.2009. a new Law on Amendments to the Law on Catering Activities was introduced in Croatia. According to the law - camping, parking, overnight camp outside the camp is a penalty, punishable by a fine. If the car is parked unauthorized, etc. it can be sealed for a period of 60 days. Self-unsealing is punishable. The lessee explicitly agrees that he/she will not violate...
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CONDITIONS OF CAMPER LEASE 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS The Camper can be leased by a legal and/or natural person, and can be a Croatian or foreign national. A driver on a day of lease must be over 25 years old and possess a valid B category driving license for a minimum of 5 years. Start of the lease of the camper begins with the acceptance of the bid, signing of the lease agreeme...
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All prices are informative, please contact us for a offer. If you are in a hurry, arriving by plane or just want a warm welcome - we offer you a "FIRST BASKET" with basic food so that you can immediately continue with your planned trip. We've customize three packages, but if you have your own wish, feel free to tell us. FIRST BASKET NR. 1 1 fresh bread (500 g), 1 l fresh ...
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