The Camper can be leased by a legal and/or natural person, and can be a Croatian or foreign national. A driver on a day of lease must be over 25 years old and possess a valid B category driving license for a minimum of 5 years.

Start of the lease of the camper begins with the acceptance of the bid, signing of the lease agreement from both parties, payment of the entire amount of the lease and the security deposit. The lease ends with the signing of the delivery log from both parties, payment of all additional costs and the return of the security deposit after a thorough inspection of the camper.

With the signing of the lease agreement both sides confirm that the camper supplied is technically correct, clean, with all the agreed equipment and documents, and the lessee is aware of how the vehicle works and he is informed about any previous small imperfections and impairments.

Smoking is prohibited in any part of the camper!



400 km a day (the extra mile will be charged 2.5 Kuna (€0.35) per kilometer)

third party liability insurance (400€ participation)

free toll through the Krk bridge

vignettes for Slovenia

50% discount for your ferry ticket to and from Cres, Lošinj and Rab (for camper, not for the passengers)

free car parking for the duration of the rental

road assistance

the basic equipment

additional equipment (table and 6 chairs, dining table pads, bed linens for travelers, towels for travelers, kitchen utensils for travelers, 2 gas bottles, toilet chemicals, wifi, trash cans, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, grill, car seats for children of all ages (if needed), fire extinguisher, cable for electricity, water hose, the cee adapter, final cleaning

For rent from 2 weeks and more, there are no restrictions on the mileage travelled.




permission to drive in States which are not members of the EU
Cleaning of campers is not charged, but a very dirty, camper is charged additional 750 kn (100 €)
Emptying of a full toilet cassette 750 kn (100 €)
Emptying of waste water 100 kn (15 €)
Late fees 350 kn per hour (50 €)
“The first basket” 350 kn (50 €)

From 1.5.2009. a new Law on Amendments to the Law on Catering Activities was introduced in Croatia.
According to the law – camping, parking, overnight camp outside the camp is a penalty, punishable by a fine. If the car is parked unauthorized, etc. it can be sealed for a period of 60 days. Self-unsealing is punishable. The lessee explicitly agreesthat he/she will not violate this law. If there is a breach of the law, the lessee will bear all the costs associated with camping caretaking.

Lease of the camper is done with a 40% deposit of the total amount of lease prices. The rest of the amount needs to be deposited, in high season 45 days prior to the collection of the camper, in other seasons 15 days prior to the collection of the camper. If the payment was not done in the full amount, the lessor will be deemed that the camper rental is cancelled and is not obliged to return the money.
The lessee has the right to cancel the lease of the camper in writing. The lessor is entitled to reimbursement in case of cancellation. The amount of the refund payment depends on how many days in advance the lessee has cancelled the lease.
In high season:
If the lease is cancelled more than 45 days prior – 10% of the total lease amount
If the lease is cancelled from 45 to 21 days prior – 40 % of the total lease amount
If the lease is cancelled from 20 to 10 days prior – 60 % of the total lease amount

If the lease is cancelled up to 10 days prior – 90 % of the total lease amount

In the event that the lease is cancelled 1 day before departure or in case the lessee does not show up at the drop off site of the camper the lessor has the right to retain the full amount of the lease of the camper.

In the event the lessee wants to finish his journey before it is specified by the contract, the lessor is not obliged to reimburse the amount of the unused days of hire.

Casco insurance covers: collision, breakdown, fire, vandalism, windscreen damage,roof.

Lessee always has to participate in case of an accident – maximum 400€ but if lessee damages equipment that is not included in insurance (for instance canopy, refrigerator, grill, tables and chairs….) then lessee may participate with all security deposit – 1000€  (depends on how damage is big then lessee participates with equal amount but maximum 1000€)

The security deposit is in the amount of 7400 kn (1000 €) and it is used for:
a franchise that can be deducted in the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle
the loss of insurance bonuses lack of or damage to the equipment
the non-compliance with the “terms of the lease”, rules, laws and other regulations.

The security deposit is paid no later than 3 days prior to pick-up on the account of the lessor.

The security deposit will be returned to the lessee within 5 days after the signing of the delivery log. If there has been any damage to the vehicle (by the hand of the lessee or a third person) the security deposit is not returned until the vehicle is repaired.

When the camper and/or the equipment is damaged, the prices of spare parts and service fees from authorized service providers shall be taken into account.


Camper is picked-up from 14.00h to 18:00h or by appointment. The lessor and the lessee together review the camper and the transceiver log is signed that will be the basis for determining any damages when returning the camper. The return of the camper is from 09:00h to 11:00h or by appointment. The lessor and the lessee together again review the vehicle and sign a delivery log. The lessee is responsible for all the damages that have occurred after the pick up of the camper. They return the keys and documents for the camper.
In high season the camper is rented at minimum 7 days.
The lessor shall give to the lessee one technically correct camper with a full fuel tank, full bottles of gas, a full tank of fresh water, empty toilet tank, and an empty tank for waste water. After the signing of the transceiver log the lessee gets the keys and documents of the camper and is obligated to return the undamaged, technically correct, clean camper with an empty toilet tank, an empty tank for water (potable and waste) and a full fuel tank.
In the event that the fuel tank is not full, the lessor will charge the costs of fuel (EURODIESEL) based on the daily price of fuel plus 400 kn (€55) fixed costs.
When picking-up the camper the lessor shall verbally explain the details of the ride and the instructions related to the use of the camper.
An extension of the lease is not possible without prior agreement.
Pick-up and drop-off of the camper is carried out at the headquarters of the company in Malinska, or by arrangement.


The driver agrees that before and during the journey he will not drink alcohol or use other substances that can reduce psychomotor abilities (medication, drugs …). Otherwise, the insurance companies will not cover the cost of any damages and the lessor is obligated to settle all the damages, compensation for lost profits and lost bonus.
Only the driver who signs the lease agreement can drive the camper.
The driver and all passengers while driving must have the seatbelt on at all times.
The driver is responsible for all the damages that were not caused in a car accident, and for all misdemeanors and penalties occurred failing to meet the regulations, rules, law.
The driver is materially and criminally liable even after the termination of the lease in relation to later received, for example. violations, parking tickets … (created during the duration of the rental period).
With his signature driver confirms the correctness of its data.

Smoking is not allowed in the camper. Failure to respect the provision will be charged in the amount of 2300 kn (€310).
The driver is required to lock the camper when he leaves, and to always carry the keys and documents with him. Lost keys will be charged 2000 kn (€270), and the lost documents 3500 kn (€470).
The driver is obligated to use the camper for tourism purposes only, not for other purposes, especially if prohibited by law. The lessor prohibits the use of campers to participate in any motor or other sporting contests, music festivals, using the camper as a test vehicle, and for subleasing the camper. It also prohibits the use of the camper for any illegal actions, customs and other offences as well as for transporting easily inflammable and explosive materials. The lessee should not go with the camper in areas for which the lessor shall issue an explicit prohibition. By disregarding the provisions above the lessee waives his security deposit entirely in favor of the lessor.
All repairs of the camper by the lessee are prohibited without prior agreement with the lessor otherwise, the repair costs shall not be recognized.

In case of damage to the camper or the equipment in the camper due to the age or technical defect, the lessor shall cover all costs, and in agreement with the lessor, the lessee can take over payments, that will be returned to the lessee in the full amount.

For the duration of the lease, in case of damage, failure or theft of the camper the lessee is obligated to immediately notify the lessor from 0-24 h by a phone call so that the lessor can provide repairs ie. procurement of spare parts, and so that they can arrange for further actions (roadside assistance, repair, service, payment, etc.) in cooperation with the lessee. If technical service is required, it must be made by authorized service providers only.

In the case of a traffic accident or break-in, the lessee is obliged to inform the police in the country where the camper is located at that time. In case of theft, he must surrender to the police all the documents of the camper and the keys. The lessor is not obliged to reimburse the costs for accommodation of the lessee, is also not required to provide a replacement vehicle and is not entitled to give a refund of the rental fee.

In the case of a traffic accident, the lessee must:

fill out the “European accident report” form

write a statement that he was not under the influence of alcohol,

report an accident to the police in a country where he is located

If it is determined that the traffic accident occurred due to the driver’s carelessness in traffic or driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, Casco insurance does not cover the repair costs of the camper, and all the repair costs of the camper, compensation for lost profits and lost bonus will be charged to the lessee.


The lessor is obligated to give to the lessor a clean, correct, insured, registered and technically correct vehicle, without a fault that could cause an accident.

The lessor shall not be responsible for things that were left behind or forgotten in the camper.

The lessee, who because of previous damage or failure cannot use the camper in the agreed term will by agreement opt for a second term or will be returned the full paid amount.

In the event that the lessor leaves the vehicle in the parking lot of the lessee, the lessee shall not be responsible for any damages, theft or similar to that same vehicle.

The lessor shall not assume any other responsibility.

With his signature the lessor certifies that the lessee is fully familiar with all the terms of the lease and that there are no objections to it. The contract is drawn up in two copies, and each contracting party will receive one copy of the contract.

For any disputes arising from this contract, the parties will try to solve them by mutual agreement. If this is not possible, the jurisdiction of the municipal court in Krk is to be contracted.